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About Us

It’s been over 40 years since I’ve started to explore nature and find my way towards a balance with it. I’ve kept many kinds of pets and bred various species of birds, fish, reptiles, arachnids, insects, mammals, you name it. I think it is due to the fact that we travelled extensively and I always needed a pet of some sort to quench my yearning to be with nature. It wasn’t until I came to North America that I actually started to learn the science behind much of what I had been doing. I realized that the traditional ways of doing things that I was accustomed to were very rudimentary and lacking in knowledge. I became very obsessed with trying to keep any kind of pet I could just so I could do it right this time. The funny thing is, the more I figured out how to do things right the more I felt wrong about everything. I learned the meaning of “Loving Nature to Death”. I felt bad for having been a part of the vicious pet industry even though I was unaware at the time. I gave up everything. No more pets of any kind unless I figured out a sustainable way to do it.

Within a couple of years I discovered the hobby of keeping Dart Frogs and when I discovered how environmentally friendly it can be I dove in head first. To me it brought the beauty of the aquarium hobby together with the fascination plant and reptile world. It was irresistible to me. In order to keep the frogs I had to provide an environment similar to theirs and that meant I need to start learning about plants. In their environments the frogs can be close to a very wide variety of plant species all in a relatively small area. This meant that I could keep various species of plants in the same enclosure as long as I knew how they grew in the wild. Do they grow in shaded areas or sunny ones, moist or dry, breezy or calm etc. My fascination with plants quickly overcame anything else and for the past ten years I’ve been focusing mainly on collecting as many rare, weird and wonderful oddities the world of plants has to offer and learning how to grow and cultivate them. The climate I live in forced me to learn how to grow everything indoors under artificial conditions and after putting everything I’ve learned together I am able to create self sustaining natural environments that require very little maintenance and are a joy to observe. I call these systems Ecouariums and it’s a term that I’ve come up with to describe how I create ecosystems inside aquariums.

I custom build these for individuals and companies, offering them for sale or for lease/rent. I also to provide specialty plants to customers as well as consultation services. My main clientele is senior homes, show homes, hotels, government buildings, lobby or reception areas, private homes, airports, Arab Gulf States, Golf clubs, the possibilities are endless. I welcome you to see, online or in person, my operation and where it all happens. I want people to know that plants are not hard to keep as long as you know what you have and that is what sets me apart from big commercial operations where people can get plants cheap but they have no idea what they bought and how to take care of it. I want you to know that there is a plant for everyone depending on how much time you have to commit and the systems I build can be sophisticated enough to do all the work for them even if they are away on holiday. Vases are great for those who want something simple and more affordable that they can either spray every day or water a couple of times a month.

Please take a look around, and feel free to contact me to discuss your needs and desires.

Mishaal Ali